What to Bring

I want all of my guests to feel at home and enjoy staying with my family. YOU are the best judge of what to bring for your dog while he is here but I do suggest a few essential items:

– lead
– bed/basket if you think he would prefer it to ours
– food (if your dog follows a particular cooked diet i.e. chicken and rice, I am more than happy to cook this in order to follow your daily routine)
– medication


Before your Holiday
I do need for your pup to be be up to date with both vetinary-strength worming and flea treatments as well as yearly vaccinations. Equally importantly, it is essential that you have notified your vet of your holiday and of your dog’s stay here.

Please note that upon drop-off, I will require you fill in an information sheet (if not completed during our meet and greet) and to pay the remaining balance of any fees owing.