About us

Specialising in the care of Retrievers within our family home. Love, companionship and adventures come as part and parcel. They simply join our family.

I own a very small, home-run family business. Our everyday lives have always revolved around our own beloved Golden Retrievers which is what sets me apart from commercial boarding kennels and larger scale dog care businesses. As devoted pet owners, we know what it is like to want a truly personal service and to wish to have your dog cared for as you would, yourself. I pride myself in having the ability to offer you a completely bespoke service which meets all of your dog's needs.

I am always happy to help. Whether you need a one day stay or a long-term holiday, please contact Kidderminster 07808836688.
Serving the needs of pet parents in the West Midlands! Pet care for Kidderminster, Worcestershire.